Darrel DeNune

Ebird Featured Photographer 2013

About me: I am Darrel DeNune, a 44-year old wildlife photographer, primarily specializing in NW bird, mammal and landscape photography. I got started in photography using film camera's in High School as a sports editor and after a hiatus from photography pursuing an education and career, my wife (also a photographer) encouraged me to join the digital (DSLR crowd). My passion for the outdoors, both working as a habitat specialist/ environmental project manager and personally, growing up enjoying the outdoors with friends and family got me started with outdoor photography and more recently I have been a contributor to the Washington Ornithological Society, Cornell University, Naturescapes, the University of Idaho, Audubon and other northwest local publications. All photo's in my galleries of non-captive, wild animals unless otherwise noted. These gallery's are a compilation of my favorite images. I hope you enjoy my gallery's and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Please visit the wonderful Covington Creek Nursery gift store in Covington, Washington to view my framed photo's.